This month saw the exciting start of a new inter-departmental initiative led by one of the York chemistry PhD students Giulia Paggiola. After much group-brainstorming, the great name “GreenSTEMS” was chosen and the project started gathering interested members from all across campus.

IMG_20140709_221041 IMG-20140709-WA0004~2

The core mission of the group is to connect early-career scientists from all STEM fields and Social sciences (from which the extended acronym ‘STEMS’) across the University of York  under the common interest for sustainable development. The University of York has a large and increasing number of research groups and projects committed to developing safer and cleaner technologies, as well as new models for green socio-economic policies, thereby reflecting global trends and needs. The topicality of this field within our University is also proven by the number of sustainability and environment-focused initiatives present, such as YESI (York Environmental Sustainability Institute), Green Impact and the University of York Sustainability Forum.

GreenSTEMS intends to increase the impact of these initiatives by creating an interdisciplinary platform where the knowledge, resources and connections available via all these groups can be shared and delivered effectively to early-career scientists across campus. GreenSTEMS aims to do this by creating regular occasions for people from different disciplines to professionally connect and socially interact in order to promote interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and research. These will include:

  1. talks and seminars hosting relevant and engaging speakers and open discussions;
  2. activities in collaboration with other green initiatives and institutions that will focus on student’s knowledge and skills development as well as on public dissemination of science and sustainable thinking;
  3. informal meetups such as “science-pub” socials and film/documentary sessions.

From an international level, GreenSTEMS will be supported and connected to other sustainable groups through NESSE (Network of Early-career Sustainable Scientists & Engineers) which will facilitate face-to-face training events and meetings, sharing of resources and will be providing funding for sustainable science groups.

So to all sustainable scientists – or wannabes -, now you have no excuse for hiding! Get to know more about GreenSTEMS by following the facebook page, and join NESSE’s expanding network

[This article was published on July 2014 on Chemistry Update (monthly departmental bulletin):]


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