Planting the Seeds for Sustainable Chemistry – ACS / NESSE webinar

The greenSTEMS initiative is promoting and will be participating to the upcoming ACS webinar dedicated to identifying what can be done to incorporate green chemistry into all parts of the industry sector.

If you want to learn more about the fast-growing area of sustainable chemistry and its contribution to an innovative and vibrant sustainable society, you should attend this free international discussion by the title “Planting the Seeds for Sustainable Chemistry” organised by the American Chemical Society (ACS) with speakers from the Network of Early-career Sustainable Scientists and Engineers (NESSE).

Image of a green earth and leaves

Finding innovative solutions to the challenges of today requires confident and skilled professionals able to forge fruitful collaborations, connect across disciplines and communicate their ideas, all with a focus on sustainability.  Dr Jennifer Dodson (post-doc at University of York and Chair of NESSE) and Dr Cliff Coss (Chief Technology Officer of GlycoSurf and Vice-Chair of NESSE) will discuss how early-career scientists can create a powerful community to accelerate the move towards a more sustainable society, underpinned by science & technology.

The webinar will highlight:

  • The aims and need for sustainable chemistry
  • The barriers and challenges to developing and implementing sustainable chemistry and technology
  • The desire of industry for professionals with the skills and connections to innovate sustainably
  • How early-career scientists can connect, share skills and communicate across disciplines to develop the solutions to spread sustainable science & technology

Join the discussion about how we can build a community of young science & engineering professionals creating innovative sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges within society.  Contact  for further details and for attending the webinar from the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence together with members of the greenSTEMS group.

Join the ACS webinar on 4th September, 7-8pm

Pre-register for free at:




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