GreenSTEMS was awarded the RSC Outreach Fund!

Despite being only two months old, the greenSTEMS team has worked on a training&outreach proposal, and has just received the fantastic news that the project was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach Fund of £2000!!


The winning project is called Green Reactions and will run throughout the upcoming academic year. This initiative will bring together York scientists and the general public in a face-to-face two-way dialogue about awareness and perception of green technologies being developed at the University of York. The project aspires to build local public trust in scientists and sustainable technologies as well as to empower young researchers to effectively communicate their research.

It is vital that whilst developing science and technology of significant public relevance, such as green technologies, early-career scientists learn how to engage in a dialogue with the public  to build confidence and knowledge and to address questions and concerns.

With this need in mind, this project aims to give professional public communication training to 15 early-career researchers in sustainable science fields, and to organise public dialogues giving the chance for members of the public to learn about green technology developments and to openly express their opinions within an informal and welcoming environment. To achieve engaging and participatory public dialogues the project will be run in collaboration with an expert in the public perception of technology, Dr Thomas M. Roberts from the University of Surrey.

The greenSTEMS team will soon be recruiting candidates, so if you are interested in this unique opportunity contact us at !!


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