Call for participants to greenReactions project!!

The greenSTEMS group is looking for researchers in the first 10 years of their career FROM ALL DISCIPLINES (natural and social sciences) to take part in their new public dialogue project green”Reactions” , funded by RSC Outreach Fund. 
The project will bring together researchers and the general public in two-way dialogues about research & technologies being developed at the University of York.
This is unique opportunity for young researchers to:
  • discuss their field of research with a non-scientific audience and understand the interests as well as concerns that may be perceived by the public;
  • relate their projects to wider social & environmental challenges
  • develop public speaking skills and experience for their employability
Taking part in the project is FREE, and will involve:
  1. Candidates selection in mid NOVEMBER- based on flash presentations about personal field of research in an informal greenSTEMS social;
  2. Professional public communication training (planned for Friday 6th FEBRUARY) – including: public speaking without powerpoint, using humour and props to engage the audience, addressing challenging questions;
  3. Public dialogues in SPRING 2015, with 3 early-career researchers per session presenting a general overview on a common theme followed by open discussion with the public.
The deadline for applications is Mon 10th November: Aspiring participants from all disciplines are asked to send a short bio/abstract (max 250 words) to outlining their:
–  Department of affiliation
–  Area of research and how it relates to social / environmental challenges
–  Reason for wanting to participate
–  Previous public engagement experience
By applying you are committing to attend the three phases of the project. If you do not fit within the guidelines of participants but are interested in taking part, we would still  welcome your participation in organising and running the public dialogues.
For more information contact
– contributed by Giulia Paggiola

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