Inspiring Scientists Seminar Series – speaker: Dr Cinthia Mena-Duran


We have a brilliant speaker for our end-of-year event! She’s going to leave York soon and we believe her story deserves spreading! Join us this Friday at 2.30pm in Biology for a heart-warming inspiring talk, and hang out later for the Christmas-themed event by the Biology Social Committee in the Dept Atrium! – hot drinks & mince pies are A PRIORITY for us! 😉


Our invited speaker Cinthia Mena-Durán comes from an indigenous community from Yucatán, called Pebá, and was recently awarded a PhD in Chemistry at the University of York.

..but her journey towards higher education has been far from ordinary..

She had to overcome the remoteness and economic restraints of her region, face gender preconception and class discrimination, and really pave her own way from basic education to recognition of national science awards, and obtain a Masters in Physical Chemistry and a PhD on the application of Starbons®, renewable carbonaceous materials, in catalysis. 

Cinthia has been strongly involved in the development of her community, especially with educational efforts, management of local natural resources and creation of roads to better connect Pebá with nearby cities, and has now got great plans for her return home.


– contributed by Giulia Paggiola


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