Celebrating International Women’s day with ScienceGrrl at the Yorkshire Museum

Which better occasion in the year to celebrate Women in Science and Science itself than the International Women’s day?!

SG at museum

Last Sunday greenSTEMers Giulia and Maria joined the Science Grrl  team at the Yorkshire Museum, along with several other researchers from a wide array of disciplines, such as Nuclear Physics, Astronomy, Psychology, Chemistry and Biology.

1611854_10206581688886137_68200850_o  11034635_10206581689926163_9479684_o

Giulia, on the left photo, drew the connections between an orange and a bottle of washing-up liquid: everyone was amazed to discover the incredible potentiality of such fruit, not only as a source of Vitamin C, but also for the production of bioplastics, detergents and aromas!

I brought in a 3D model of a protein secondary structure, complemented by a stick&balls representation of water which I’ve made in the morning with my colleague from Biology, Laziana! Together and in this colourful way we’ve introduced young visitors into the world of Biochemistry!

SG at museum2

Other insights into Biology and Structural Biology were given by Hannah, Katie and Sandra, whereas Danielle, Rachel and Julia shared their knowledge in Chemistry and Green Chemistry.

Gemma, the chair of Science Grrl-York, and her colleagues from Nuclear Physics brought along a Geiger counter, some radioactive rocks and a gamma ray detector, to explain radioactivity, the technology behind the detectors and the importance of the electromagnetic spectrum. A view of the sky through the Cosmodome was also presented by physicists from the Astrocampus team. Amy from Atmosperic Chemistry entertained the youngsters showing how to make clouds in a bottle…so fun! 😀

There was a good turnout of families strolling around the museum, with the children being as enthusiastic and curious as their accompanying parents!

It certainly was a great opportunity to take our projects out of the lab, demonstrating how scientific impact is conceived by bright minds and passion, regardless the gender, with the aim of inspiring the new generation of enthusiast scientists!

11045824_10206581688806135_1341345481_o  1462477_10206581689326148_60939358_o

— Contributed by Maria M. Razalan


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