Upcoming Social Seminar: Health: Me, You and the Environment

Coming to the University of York for the first time ever, the greenSTEMS Social Seminar Series. Come check it out on

Tuesday, 24th March in Biology B/M/052 from 1500-1700

and join the discussion about health science & the environment, immunology, green chemistry and biology. Book your place at the registration link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/health-you-me-and-the-environment-tickets-16102988472

How our health is related to the environment, the development of better medicines and the impact of the pharmaceutical industry on the environment will be presented by our multidisciplinary team of speakers. The mini symposium is FREE for everyone to attend and will have an informal and a more interactive approach aimed to fuel discussions and build networks.

This mini-symposium, and others to come, received funding by YuFund and the York Alumni Association that will support the greenSTEMS’ goal of building a sustainable science community of early-career researchers on Campus.

The presentations are as follow:

The healing power of mathematics: quantitative studies of wound repair


The use of mathematical models to complement in vivo and clinical studies, gaining insights into experimentally intractable systems and how to improve the financial, ethical and resource-based sustainability of research into wound healing outcomes. Speaker: Elizabeth Gothard, a PhD student working between the Department of Mathematics and the Centre for Immunology and Infections.

Harder, better, faster, stronger: how do we take on the rise of antibiotic resistance bacteria?


The UK’s chief medical officer has recently described the growing resistance to antibiotics as a ‘ticking time bomb’ and ‘as big a risk as terrorism’ to the nation. This talk will look into how this has become such a hot topic and explore some of the research being performed at the University of York. Speaker: Robert Howlett, a post-doctorate microbiologist looking at methods of antibiotic resistance.

Greener medicine: Pharma and the solvent challenge


This talk will explore the important role that solvents play within the chemical preparation of drugs and present what are the key challenges and opportunities for making it greener and more sustainable in the long-term. Speaker: Giulia Paggiola, a PhD student working with the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and the Stockholm Environment Institute as part of Innovative Medicines Initiative, CHEM21.

Kiss kiss, bang bang: when plasma physics kisses bacteria goodbye!


Scientists are using the ionized gas called “plasma” to kill microbes in the lab. We will discuss the potential use of plasmas to eliminate pathogens that cause or live in skin wounds for example, considering what makes plasma suitable for human treatment, its safety and its long-term effect on microbes. Speaker: Angela Privat Maldonado, a final year PhD student working on an interdisciplinary project between York Plasma Institute and the Centre for Immunology and Infection.

 Linking health and environmental outcomes through behaviours with co-benefits


This talk will investigate some of the reasons why we continue to engage in behaviours with negative impacts on ourselves, particularly from a public health perspective, and suggest research and policy directions for shifting patterns of human behaviour towards those which are jointly beneficial.Speaker: Michaela Smith, a PhD student in the Department of Health Sciences and also part of the Health of Populations and Ecosystems (HOPE) project.

 More green, less grey: the benefits of urban green spaces


This talk will discuss the association between the health of the natural environment and human health could inform the restoration and conservation of green spaces and ensure the provision of ecosystem services which are essential for human health and well-being. Speaker: Siân de Bell, a PhD student studying the links between the ecological health of urban green spaces and their impact on the health of local populations, part of the HOPE project.

– contributed by Ana Pacheco & Jen Chapman


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