Premier Social Seminar Success!!

The greenSTEMS team would like to thank and congratulate everyone that participated in, supported and attended the first social seminar event. The event, “Health: you, me and the environment” showcased 6 early career researchers from interdisciplinary backgrounds and was a healthy success. We had approximately 60 people from many different departments come out to show their support and interest. The feedback was all round positive and we already can’t wait to hold a new event! So keep an eye out if you’re interested in getting your research out there. In case you couldn’t make it out we’ll give a short recap, and hopefully see you at the next one!


Emily Johnston, final year PhD student in Biology and main coordinator of the event, opened the event with an inspiring background of the greenSTEMS background and current projects. We hope you might have seen something you’d be keen to join in on or gotten an idea that you might want our support with. Jen Chapman, 1st year PhD student from Environmental Science, later introduced our Social Seminar series and each speaker’s talk, aiming to increase interdepartmental awareness, discussion, collaboration.

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First to the plate was Sian de Bell, whose talk, “More green less grey”, fueled our desire to contribute to our own health and get outdoors maybe even hug a tree. Michela Smith continued the green vine with a discussion on changing our behaviors to create the green. Elizabeth Gothard had us reaching for our calculators and wanting 3D cameras after we learned how they could help us understand wound repair.

22 5 8

6 7 21

To help us swallow all the new information we took a discussion and beverage beak. We felt the break was not only healthy but a feature we wanted to focus on and use well. We were very eager for people to meet and discuss the talks from an interdisciplinary perspective and we were not disappointed.

9 20 16

Giulia Paggiola, founder of greenSTEMS and PhD student in Green Chemistry, started our second session. From her we learnt that making pharmaceuticals can also be made more green and increase both environmental health and our own health. So, you might be wondering what about pharmaceutical resistance? Robert Howlett, postdoc in Microbiology provided insight into antibiotic resistance and the research he is conducting as a postdoc. Finally, Angela Privat Maldonado taught us what plasma is and how it might be the “new antibiotic”. After all that health we figured it was time for a healthy pizza snack to help us digest and discuss.

10 11 12

13 14 15

Overall, we learnt A LOT and were very excited to see so many people come out to learn with us! We can’t wait to have another Social Seminar, and will keep you all updated! Thank you very much to the team that made the event possible!! : Emily, Giulia, Maria, Jen, Ruth, Ana, Sytze, Rosa and Karla!


18 19 23

– Blog article contributed by Jen Chapman, Photos by Sytze van Stempvoort


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