Proper Chemical Waste Disposal: Posters & Memes

A great blog article found on the Green Chemistry Initiative’s blog at University of Toronto!

Chemistry labs at York, take some Memes inspiration!!

The Green Chemistry Initiative Blog

By Cookie Cho, Member-at-Large for the GCI

One of the unfortunately inevitable aspects of doing research is creating chemical waste. Previously, we have launched a Waste Awareness Campaign to try to reduce the amount of waste produced, and hosted a lecture on Chemical Waste FAQs to encourage proper waste disposal.

In the chemistry building at the University of Toronto, two general types of groups produce chemical waste: the research chemists, and undergraduate students.

Recently, the GCI partnered with UofT’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office to develop and distribute an easy-to-follow waste disposal poster. This guide was designed to answer common questions about proper sorting of waste classes, and to make it easier for the research chemists to dispose of their chemical waste. These were then posted in all research labs throughout the chemistry building. We have received great feedback from many department members so far, including the researchers themselves…

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