Seminars & Social Symposia

Getting rolling with seminars has been so well supported we are running two distinct series! Our “Social Seminar” is a more a slightly longer but more relaxed and interactive version of a seminar, to which we invite 4-6 York young researchers to give short summary talks about their research within a themed mini-symposium session. After the talks the social component comes naturally over drinks and nibbles and discussion about similar research and interests fosters exciting new ideas. Our second series “Inspiring Scientists” is more traditional and aimed at bringing in established experts to share their knowledge and career experience with interested students. The two different styles and large range of backgrounds almost guarantees there will be something for everyone.

  • Is there a field/topic of sustainable science you’d like to know more about?
  • Would you like to take your research outside your department meetings and give a talk at our sessions?
  • Is there an Inspiring Scientists you’d like us to invite?

cinthia screnshot

Workshops & Outreach

This is greenSTEMS outside of the academic ivory tower! We had a great first success with our exhibition stand at YorNight Outreach event! We’re now organising a 1-day early-career workshop in association with RRB11 Conference (York, 2 June 2015) which will have attendants from a range of sectors and disciplines.  “Building a Bio-based Economy for Europe” (BBEE) Workshop will include short perspective-type lectures, participatory activities, debates and networking for the young participants to the conference.


Science communication

Our greenSTEMS blog is a great platform to practice your science communication and blogging skills! We have also received invitations to write for YourFormula online European magazine and NESSE sustainable scientists network, and regularly shared updates on university’s and departmental bulletins.

Want to write for us and share your research online and on magazines?unnamed

Please also see our past projects and our blog describing our recent activities.


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