Past Projects

Public Dialogues “greenReactions”

Led by Ian Ingram (postdoc, Chemistry – GCCE)

We have 20 sustainability-minded participants from a range of disciplines (Departments of Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Education, Environment, Management, Politics) taking part in a public speaking training programme and organising events to discuss with members of the public the relevance of their research in relation to sustainable development. We’ve hosted a training session by Simon Watt, a professional science communication trainer, biologist and TV presenter! Click here to read more about this project!

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Reusable mug campaign

Led by Heather Tanner (MA researcher, Archaeology)

How many coffee cups do you buy and carry around campus every week? The amount of disposable cups used and disposed of on campus is immense. We’re urging for the University and the local cafeterias to apply a discount scheme for when you get a refill of your own mug rather than wasting a take-away cup. We’re also developing our own proposal for a greenSTEMS portable mug by contacting different possible suppliers, help us make a change!

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Please also take a look at our ongoing projects and current activities described in our blog.